What is a Solution File

Solution File

We created a solution file in our last tutorial, and that was fairly simple. But there are a few questions which needs answer before we proceed further.

Solution File
Solution File

What is there in Solution File? A solution contains one or more projects. Which projects are part of the solution is maintained in solution file. It also stores the relative location of all projects. Any solution level setting/configuration is also maintained in solution file.

What happens if I delete .sln file? If you delete solution file, you can no longer open all those projects with a single click which were contained in the solution file. You have to open them individually.

How do I create a solution file once I have lost previous solution file? Simple create a blank solution and add all the projects one by one.

Is there any data loss, if I loose solution file? You do not loose any data, except solution configuration and list of projects which you had added in the solution file.

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