Today we received a request from techTricksWorld (Atish Ranjan : one of my best friends) to move the blog from blogspot to self hosted wordpress platform.

Moved from Blogspot

It was a marathon task but we accepted the challenge and started our work on this. It was the first time we were doing this kind of task. It took around 8 hours including purchasing domain, installing wordpress, configuring web hotel and migrating from blogspot to wordpress. Then came the task of redirection and changing url as blogspot urls are really quite different, but all went fine.

Designed on WordPress, TechTricksWorld is a blog.

We did all this activity in the night, and we succeeded. It was live on May 10, 2011 morning. You can go ahead and visit TechTricksWorld. Later on we received many task from TechTricksWorld like change of theme, some customization and so on.


4 thoughts on “TechTricksWorld”

    1. That theme is paid and you can purchase it, only for wordpress. If you want I can help you in setting your own domain with hosting and blogger blog moved to wordpress on your domain in less than a week.

  1. Thanks For your Great work for all of my blogs Durgesh.

    To all folks out there,

    I recommend this cool techie guy, Durgesh for any kind of Programming task. He is a code crazy guy.

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