Saroj Hydraulics

Saroj Hydraulics is a hydraulics company which manufactures Best Scrap Baling machines and other heavy machines like Hydraulic Jack, Power Pack Cylinder, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cold Forging, Triple Action Jumbo, Triple Action Mini Jumbo, Double Action Ejector, Double Action Auto Door, etc on Demand and on Stock. It is situated near Mundka and is one of the leading manufacturers of these machines with clients across the globe.

Designed using PHP and Plogger

We got the contract to design their website in the month of October 2008 and it was really fun designing their website in my college days. It was hand crafted with PHP and we used Plogger for gallery. We pray best for their future and success in business.

Lists all their Products and Gallery of Product Images

Visit them at Saroj Hydraulics

Saroj Hydraulics
Saroj Hydraulics (Beginning of 2009)

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