Quick Shop Manager

We are happy to release Quick Shop Manager in the market. It is fast and easy to use application for shopkeepers.

Detailed Document Available : Quick Shop Manager Guide

Quick Shop Manager

Shopkeeper Aid
Shopkeeper Aid

A quick look at the facilities provided by application :

  • Create, Update, Delete any item in the shop by providing minimum details (Item name, price and unit required only).
  • Create an order consisting of upto 65,000 items in one go.
  • Alter rate of item for individual customer on the go to favor favourite or priveleged customers.
  • Give discount to priveleged customers.
  • Calculates amount to be returned depending on amount given and order amount.
  • Allows to reorder previous order.
  • Update order at any position.
  • Add, remove items from order.
  • View sales history year wise, month wise, daily basis or order basis.
  • View previous rates of items.
  • Backup on the basis of each item and order alteration.
  • No use to purchase license of any properietery database or application for use.
  • Completely based on XML and .Net.
  • Link for support on home page provided.

How to order?
Send us an email at support@techphernalia.com with your name, telephone number and we will get in touch with you. We accept payments from Demand Draft, Account Transfer and Paypal only.

What we offer?
We will provide you with the application, license and one time demo of the application. We can negotiate the facilities depending on your requirement, and provide multiple demos if required on paid basis.

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