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Quick guide for installation and prerequisites for Quick Shop Manager

What is Quick Shop Manager?
Read here : Quick Shop Manager

Prerequisites for Quick Shop Manager

  • Operating System : Windows XP or above.
  • RAM : 256MB or above.
  • Hard Disk Space : 2 MB for installation and 10 MB for proper working.
  • .Net Framework : 2.0 or above.

Installing Quick Shop Manager

  • After getting your Quick Shop Manager, Double click the setup to install the application.
  • It will check for prerequisite components and ask for installation location, leave the default one.
  • It will create desktop and start menu shortcuts. Click Finish to exit the installation.

Please Note : If some problem is detected you will be asked for required action like downloading .Net Framework and so on.

Starting first time
Once installed you can access the application by clicking Start->Programs->techPhernalia->Shop Manager or double clicking shortcut on the desktop.

How to use?
When you start the application you will be presented with home screen as shown below. It has 4 modules Items, Orders, Sales, History. You can access corresponding module by clicking the module button.

Shopkeeper Aid
Shopkeeper Aid

Item List : Click Item List button to access Item module. You can perform following task in this module :

Item Module
Item Module
  1. Add new item.
  2. Update rates or other detail of any item.
  3. Remove an item from the store.

Adding an item :

  • Click on the last empty row in the table present there.
  • Provide Name, Rate and Unit of item.

Updating the detail of item :

  • Double click the box you want to edit.
  • Feed new value over there.
  • Click outside to come out with changes or press esc to come out without changes.

Deleting/Removing an item :

  • Click on row header to select the item and press delete button on keyboard to delete the item.

Your changes are not saved until you press the update button on the top. If you do not want to save the changes press Discard and it will exit the module without saving any changes.

Order : Click order button to enter order module where you can process orders.

Order Module
Order Module

Adding an item in order :
Select the item, give the quantity, change price or total if you want to do so and click Add button to add item in order.

Removing an item from order :
Select the row header of item and press delete button keyboard to remove the item from order.

Completing order :

  • Press Finish button to calculate the total amount for order.
  • Change the total if you want and provide amount provided by customer. It will calculate amount to be returned.
  • Press Next to process order.

Canceling order :
You can cancel any order only if you have not selected yes after pressing Next button. Press Cancel to cancel current order.

Repeating previous order :
Press No when asked to clear order after pressing Next and then Yes.

Sales Summary :

Sales Report
Sales Report

You can enter this module by pressing Sales button on the home page. It will display by default summary of the year. You can press + button to go deep. Hierarchy is as follows

  • Year
  • Month
  • Daily
  • Order
Previous Inventory
Previous Inventory

Previous Inventory : Use this module by pressing history button and you can view your previous inventories here.

Exiting module and application : Press Exit button on the forms to exit the module. Clicking close button on the top can lead to loss of data and application to run infinitely. If you ever encounter such thing or you close by clicking X on the top right, then Open task manager and kill the process named RetailShop.exe.

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