Create blank solution in Visual Studio

New Blank Solution

Generally we create a project, and do not care about solution file. Only when we are closing visual studio, it asks to save solution, and gives the name of first project as solution file. Extension of solution file is .sln.

But what if we want to create solution file first? It is really very simple in visual studio.

  • Open visual studio
  • Select File -> New -> Project…
  • From Installed Templates select Other Project Types -> Visual Studio Solutions
  • Select Blank Solution from the project type
  • After Giving your solution a name and path, click OK and you are done.
New Blank Solution
New Blank Solution

If you study Solution Explorer (where we find Project and their files), you will find a Solution with 0 Projects there. You can add different types of project here as per your requirement.

In our most of the tutorials you will find us creating blank solution file first.


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