Club Manager

We are creating a windows application in .Net using MongoDB as our database named Club Manger which basically will be a MemberShip manager application. We are creating this for learning purpose and if time permits and this application is a hit we will be more than happy to release it as a product. We are explaining this project in great detail below so that you can also learn designing application using C# and MongoDB.

Please feel free to post any bug/suggestion and we will be more than happy to resolve them.

Source code of this project is updated on GitHub and you can fork it or download it from there.

  1. Synopsis
  2. Technical Discussion
  3. Setting up the solution
  4. Discussing Dependency
  5. Create MemberShipPlan : Model
  6. Create MemberShipPlan : View
  7. ConfigurationManager
  8. Data Context
  9. Extension Methods
  10. Data Context : MongoDB
  11. Setting MongoDB
  12. Create MemberShipPlan : Controller
  13. FormManager
  14. Running MemberShipPlan

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