Club Manager : Synopsis

MemberShip Plan Manager

We will be creating a windows application named “Club Manager” in C# using MongoDB as our active database. This application can be used at any subscription based scenario, e.g.

  • Gym
  • Sports Complex
  • Clubs

This application will be used by the administrator (or clerk) of the organization and will have following functionalities:

  • Create Membership Plan and define their fee
  • Edit Membership properties and fee
  • List all the membership plans available
  • Functionality to add new member
  • Update member details
  • View all the available members
  • Search for members using different criteria
  • Store custom properties of the members
  • View all the members whose fee are due
  • View all the members whose fee are about to be due in next n days
  • Collect fee

You will find all related code of this project on GitHub. Go ahead fork-it, bookmark it or download the source code from techPhernalia/ClubManager

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