Club Manager : Setting up the solution

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Create solution “ClubManager”
Fire your visual studio (Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 in our case). We are going to name our application ClubManager and same will be our solution name. Our application is a windows form application. So let us create one.

  • Go to File->New->Project->Visual C#->Windows->Windows Form Application
  • Name it ClubManager
  • Leave Create directory for solution checked

Create solution folders
We said that we will be manage our solution in multiple solution folders. So let us add2 some as given below:

  • Core: To contain core projects which are independent of ClubManager application but will be used in ClubManager and other future applications.
  • Data: To conatin Data Access Layer projects for ClubManager.
  • Model: To contain Business Model of the application.
  • App: To contain main applications. ClubManager in current case.
  • Reference: To contain third party dlls which will be referenced in other projects.
Add New Solution Folder
Add New Solution Folder

2To add solution folder: Right Click Solution->Add->New Solution Folder

Move (Drag and Drop) ClubManager project in App folder created above. So our solution is all set and we can start coding.

Solution Explorer
Solution Explorer

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