Club Manager : Discussing Dependency

MemberShip Plan Manager

You might have already discovered that we are mainly dealing with Member, MemberShipPlan and Fee in this application as our data collection. If you have not figured that out till now, please read previous contents again and ponder on them.

If we discuss how these 3 collection depend on each other we can deduce that:

  • Every Member chooses a MemberShip Plan.
  • Every Fee is paid by some member.
  • Which means that One MemberShipPlan can be opted by multiple Members which in turn are going to pay Fee multiple time.

But why are we discussing this? This discussion has given us an idea on how we should proceed with our application.

  • First we create MemberShipPlan
  • We list, edit MemberShipPlan
  • We create new Member
  • We list, edit Member
  • We submit Fee and issue a receipt

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