2012 Onwards

2012 Onwards.com

December 30th 2011, I received a call from Atish Ranjan (owner TechTricksWorld), he wanted to have 2012Onwards.com booked and ready to go live on Jan 1, 2012. It was a challenging task and required very fast processing. We have to book a domain, install wordpress with required settings, prepare theme and go live with it. We booked the domain same night and by morning it was setup by our hosting provider.

Designed on WordPress, 2012Onwards is a blog

We now had to FTP/SSH wordpress on our web space and install wordpress over there. Everything took around 3-4 hours and by mid-day we were ready with all the installations. We tested for whole day and new year was greeted by welcome post on 2012Onwards.com

Within 24 hours of receiving the request, Blog was live and working.

Please go ahead and visit 2012Onwards online.

2012 Onwards.com
2012 Onwards.com

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