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We are happy to anounce our first wordpress plugin Meta Keywords Generator. This plugin is written by Durgesh Chaudhary on special request and he wanted this plugin to be released for free. You can download the plugin from

What this plugin is all about?

Well this is one of the most important question. I tried many plugins in this niche but they could not satisfy my requirement. This plugin creates meta keywords and description tag for page, post, archive and home page. I tried many but all of them were lacking somewhere. I tried to solve some of the problems encountered by me there. Here I provide the list for same :

  • Most of them were not handling quotes properly which used to create mess in the page code and in turn used to provide wrong keywords. (e.g. “SEO, SMO, “best SEO” “)
  • Most of them were not taking care of commas in the string which was used to create meta keywords tag and ended up having double commas. (e.g. SEO , , SMO)
  • While creating meta description tag they tend to include short tags as well (i.e. and so on) which can not help in SEO as most of the words in short tags are not of any use for SEO purpose.

Find us at

We have taken care of above problems and has been tested thoroughly to make sure it works for all the installations. We also request all the bloggers available there to install this plugin and let us know about any bug, or suggestion to improve it further.

Screenshots of the plugin on work :

After installation on plugins page

After installation on plugins page

Plugin in action : View Source

Plugin in action : View Source

Plugin detail in Dashboard

Plugin detail in Dashboard

Plugin Settings

Plugin Settings


  1. The meta keyword generator does not seem to work. When i view source there is any keywords there Am i not doing this properly

  2. How do I do the meta tags on each page? I have 75 pages and I want each page to have their own keywords.

  3. Hi,
    I have a custom theme on my site none of the meta tag info is being generated are there any short codes i should be including in either my php or my pages.

  4. Hello
    Can this be used in conjuction with all in one SEO? I did download it however is this supposed to generate keywords automatic?
    or do I need to fill in the keywords and it will generate other relavent keywords from there?

  5. Compulsary Keywords is where I add keywords? Where do I see the keyword that have been generated.

  6. Hello Sir,
    There is much important of meta tags on blog.
    How to write a perfect meta description, please tell me some idea.?

    • Keywords and Description should contain the keywords from which you want traffic. Description should contain the text which you want to show when that page is displayed in search page of google, and or other search sites.

  7. The meta keyword generator does not seem to work. When i view source there is any keywords there Am i not doing this properly???

    if added a few words but i cant see any of the when i look at the page source

  8. I do see keywords and descriptions generated by All in One SEO plugin.

  9. HI i am developing
    I wanted to know that if i am using all in one SEO plugin and meta keyword generator at the same timw , would it have any impact? please guide about the positive and the negative impact. I am curious to know, and how does meta keyword generator works

  10. Hello.
    I updated this plugin in my page and it’s not working as it used to.
    Now, it doesn’t use tags as keywords, it adds the title and the word’s title separated with commas. And I can’t configure it to not to add a description.

  11. Hi,
    Can the Meta Keywords Generator be used in conjunction with Basic SEO Pack?
    I cant use All in one SEO on my wordpress version. And Meta Keywords Generator I using for about a year.

  12. Will this plugin be updated any time soon so that it is compatible with WordPress 3.6?

  13. I cannot able to find this it is not shown on my website

  14. Hello. I downloaded your plugin and just checking to make I activated and entered the keyword information correctly. I activated your plugin and entered keywords separated by commas in the Compulsary Keywords box of the “Meta Keywords Generator Setting” under Settings and hit Save Changes. Is that it? And will all of my entered keywords be embedded in all of my web pages?

    Thanks for your help.

  15. hello Durgesh, First of all thanks alot for this awesome Plugin, i am using it and enjoying.
    i need your help, i wanna modify plugin to work in my own way, i want to modify description section. i want this plugin to show Specific 2,3 words of description with current Post name at the start and end of each post description.
    any help will b highly appreciated.

    • Go to Plugin->Editor select Meta Keywords Generator and edit meta-keywords-generator/plugin.php as per your requirement.

      Please note when you update the plugin, your changes will be lost and also if you do something wrong your site will break. In that scenario download MKG from wordpress and replace meta-keywords-generator/plugin.php using FTP.

  16. Hi Durgesh,

    My name is Andrew, I am with WebHostingHub Support. We would like to translate your Meta Keywords Generator plugin that we found at to Spanish language, no charge of course, to help people from Hispanic community better manage their websites. Would that be ok with you?

    I hope I’ll hear from you soon.

    Kind regards

    Andrew Kurtis
    WebHostingHub Support

  17. Hello Durgesh,

    Week ago I have asked for your permission to translate your Meta Keywords Generator plugin and I didn’t hear any from you since. I hope that you will find time to provide the reply, because we believe that the translation would be of a great use.

    All the best,
    Andrew Kurtis
    WebHostingHub Suport

  18. I have used this plugin and its working but me little confusing that on home page many keyword generated including small words like in, of, the etc
    how we limited these i want to display not more than 12 keywords
    My page is

  19. Hi
    I have install this plugin along with all in one on my site I want to use Custom Meta Description and Key words on Home page.
    Can This plugin allow me custom for home page?
    If not how i block this on home page and use all in one plugin on home page because in Google SE and in Source this plugin generating meta keywords and Description showing.

  20. Very god plugin! My site just got on the first page of Google. Thanks guys!

  21. I did uninstall the SEO techphernalia plugin because it contained broken sentence (All Nursing Health Services Inc is an accredited Vancouver based home care service provid” />) How can I delete the above completely. I have already uninstalled the plugin but above sentence remains. I think broken link is hurting SEO rather than helping

    • Hi Tourajj,

      I do not see it un-installed from your website.

      I have taken your feedback as suggestion and try to release patch as soon as possible to remove the broken sentence bug.

  22. I inactive your plugin but facebook post showing “BY METATAGS GENERATOR” how can i remove this

  23. when i am posting a post on fb, i am getting by metatags generator…i want to remove that…do i have to make chnges in coding?

  24. Installed.What next?Do send me a list of meta keywords.Thx

  25. I think google only looks for meta description,if its not good then they pick up a snippet from the post.

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