What is JSON?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is easy to read, write, understand, parse and generate. It is a collection of key value pairs where key can be any arbitrary string and value can take one of the many forms available from string, number, array, object, boolean and null. String is →

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What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is an open source, document oriented database written in C++ featuring dynamic schema and classified as a NoSQL database. Documents (refers to rows in table based schema) are stored in collections (refers to table in table based schema). Some of the features of MongoDB are: Ad hoc queries Indexing Replication Load →

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Ubuntu : Frequently used commands

What to do Command Check disk usage df -h Start service service mongodb start Stop service service mongodb stop Restart service service mongodb restart Change ownership of folder chown username fldrname chown username:groupname fldrname

Durgesh with Pinal Dave

Today we had a session on Big Data delivered by Pinal Dave. It was like my old dream came true, excited like a child, waiting to meet him. I can not express my emotions when I met him. Was at the first set attending his session. At the end of →

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Installing Ubuntu on VirtualBox

In last article we wrote about Installing Oracle VM VirtualBox and now we install Ubuntu on our virtualbox. If you already know installation of any flavor of Linux/Unix you should be able to install it with ease. There is not any change in steps weather you install OS on physical →

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